1935 Ford Car

The standard spacing is 3/8" between the bars for an original look.  I also offer a tighter 1/4" spacing between the bars for a more updated hot rod look.

The standard finish is a front polish on the 1/8" x 3/8" bar stock with a satin finish on the 3/8" side.  Bars can be fully polished (front and sides polished) or chrome plated as an option.  Any grilles that will be chrome plated will be fully polished before assembly so the chrome shop doesn’t have to buff between the bars once it’s assembled.

The fiberglass shell that I offer is just like an original and works with an original hood without modification.  If you are using a one piece hood top, the grille shell will have to be modified to match your hood. 

This insert will mount into your original steel shell once the grille bars are removed.  So if just your bars are bad, but the perimeter shell is okay, just order the insert.


3/8" spacing:
front polish $825
fully polished $995
chrome plated $1490

1/4" spacing:
front polish $1025
fully polished $1250
chrome plated $1745

Fiberglass grille shell $325

Call for current lead time as all inserts are built to order.
Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal are methods of accepted payment. Payment is processed when the grille is ready to be built, not when the order is placed.