1937 Wild Rod & Atlanta Hot Rods

Wild Rod Factory and Atlanta Hot Rod 1937 Ford grilles are the same. These grilles are different from an original ’37 Henry Ford grille, as well as the ’37 Coast to Coast and ’37 OZE Rods grilles. While similar in appearance to the OZE and Coast to Coast grilles, they are dimensionally different enough to not be interchangeable.

These grille bars are laser cut. Each bar is individually sanded front, top and bottom and then leading edge buffed. Then TIG welded. There is a 5/16” space between each 1/8” thick bar.


Front polished/satin top and bottom $2195

Fully polished $2395

Chrome plated $2895

Call for current lead time as all inserts are built to order.
Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal are methods of accepted payment. Payment is processed when the grille is ready to be built, not when the order is placed.