1955 Chevy

We offer the insert with a 5/16” spacing between the horizontal bars.  The standard finish is a front edge polish with a satin finish on the sides of the bar.  As options, I can fully polish the bars (before assembly) or chrome plate the insert after it is fully polished. 

I can build the grille with a horizontal bar or vertical bar.  The vertical grille mimics the ’57 Buick look on the ‘60s customs.  The vertical grille has a 3/8” spacing between the bars.

It’s built in an original grille trim surround and inner fender brace.  The inner fender brace needs to have the front edge trimmed off and the hood latch has to be cable operated now because you can’t reach between the bars to activate it.  The original inner fender brace is still used.  It’s originally riveted to the egg crate grille.  Drill the rivets out and our grille is drilled and tapped to attach the inner fender brace, screws provided.

Street Rodder Magazine used our horizontal grille on the 2011 Road Tour Car.  The builder modified it to work with the Moon tank.


Horizontal grille insert
front polish $750
fully polished $925
chrome plated $1420

Vertical grille insert
front polish $795
fully polished $970
chrome plated $1465

Call for current lead time as all inserts are built to order.
Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal are methods of accepted payment.  Payment is processed when the grille is ready to be built, not when the order is placed.