1937 Ford Car

The 1937 Ford car grille is made from individual laser cut grille bars. It is a one piece bar, unlike the original grille that was made in 2 halves and spot welded together.  Our build fixture was built from an original Henry Ford made grille, so it has the correct hood profile and fender curvature.

It is completely TIG welded with the 1/4"x20 fender flange nuts already welded on the inside of the fender flanges so that it is easier to bolt to the fenders.

The top "boomerang" plate on the grille has the same shape as an original grille, so any of the aftermarket air deflector pans or hood latchs can be adapted to our grille.  About the only thing we don't do on the grille is set up a hood latch.  There are too many variables for location and latch styles for us to guess at getting it right on your car.

The standard finish is a front edge polish with satin tops/bottoms on the grille bars.

Hood side grilles are also available, see pricing below.

1937 Ford grilles are also available for the Wild Rod Factory / Atlanta Hot Rods fiberglass cars.  Just let us know which body you are ordering a grille for.  Price is the same as listed below.


That price is $2195.  If you would like it chrome plated, add $600.  I would send it out unchromed for you to make any necessary holes for a hood latch/release cables etc.

Hood side grille pair:

front edge polish $495, fully polished $595, chrome plated $1090

Call for current lead time as all inserts are built to order.
Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal are methods of accepted payment. Payment is processed when the grille is ready to be built, not when the order is placed.