1939 Ford Deluxe

The 1939 Ford Deluxe and the 1940 Ford Standard are different grilles.  The '39 Deluxe hood peak is about 1 1/4" farther forward than the '40 Standard hood.

Each of the bars has a different curve, so the transition from the center to outside is smooth.  The fender flanges are laser cut, so the mounting holes line up to the stock location.

The inside of the top horizontal bar has the same shape as the original, so you can use any aftermarket hood latch/air deflector assembly you choose. 

You will still need the upper grille brace for your hood latch.  The hood latch will now have to be cable operated as there is no clearance pocket on the front of our grille for the original hood latch lever on the hood.


Front polish/satin sides $1295
Fully polished $1495
Chromed $1995

Call for current lead time as all inserts are built to order.
Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal are methods of accepted payment.  Payment is processed when the grille is ready to be built, not when the order is placed.